Via Buenos Aires — Creative Outsourcing

Why There?

For the best part of the last 10 years, Argentine creatives have ranked quite high in the Gunn report and most major awards shows. So we don’t have to sell you on the creative interest in the region.

What we do sell is an innovative way of harnessing the creative power of Argentina without having to import a Creative Director or a team.

We Call It

Creative Outsourcing

And we have been doing it quite successfully with some of the biggest and brightest agencies and creative directors in France, USA and Latin America.

The difference between Creative Outsourcing and a freelance team is that we offer an experienced and award winning Creative Director as your key contact. Managing and refining the creative teams work.

About us

Mariano Favetto

Co-founder & Creative Director

Mariano spent 18 years in Saatchi & Saatchi in four different continents. He won everything from Lions to Clios and Best of shows in Argentina, Cuba, the US and France. In total his awards tally over 150.

Now settled back in Argentina, he uses the experience he earned in NY, Toronto, Sydney and Paris to steer unbridled Argentinean creativity into local, regional and international projects.

The teams he works with are hand picked, some bilingual, some not… but they are all senior, award winning creatives.

Didier Zakine

Co-founder & President

Didier started his career on the other side of the advertising fence. After receiving his business degree he began working for L’Oreal during the launch of the L’Oreal for Men line. He later hopped over to Publicis to see what the business look like from the other side and has never returned.

Working in Venise agency he discovered his love and natural talent for new business winning Novartis Animal Healthcare products, Softsheen, Carson by L'Oreal and Pfizer Europe for the agency.

It was during a break to gain his Masters in Business in Buenos Aires that Didier imagined Via Buenos Aires upon seeing all the creativity that surrounded him in this city.

The rest is history.

What it is like to

Work with Via Buenos Aires

Via Buenos Aires Products

Pitch Partner

Pitches many times find you short handed and in need of both hands and brains.

This package includes one or two senior teams lead by our Creative Director. We can supply anything from concepts and scripts to finished mock-ups.

VICTORY BONUS: When you win, we charge a bonus equal to the COST. It’s good news for us since we win 2 out of 3 pitches.

CD's Extra Arm

Need to put more people on a project but you don’t want to hire someone? Or maybe you have a special brief which you think needs some fresh thinking.

Call Mariano and he will find and guide the best team for the job.


We all know that long term relationships need work, and a little shaking up once in the while. We have all thought at one time or another: we should treat this ongoing project as a pitch. But we never seem to have the time or manpower.

We offer a service that can help you pitch an already won client.

It can be as simple as a team and our creative director adding a fresh spin on the work or as involved as bringing in a whole pitch team: account director, strategic planner and creative group to challenge the status quo.

Vacation Salvation

August: the month everyone leaves, comes just after July: the month clients love to brief for pitched due in September! Luckily for you, in Argentina it’s the middle of winter.

So our teams are ready to lend a hand in all of your pitches.

VICTORY BONUS: When you win, we charge a bonus equal to the COST. vIt’s good news for us since we win 2 out of 3 pitches

Full Pitch Mode

Have an interesting pitch but absolutely no people to work on it?

It’s not very common, but we have managed full pitches for a few clients when their only other choice was to say: sorry, can’t participate.

We can either take your brief and produce the whole presentation, from scripts, mock-ups and ppt, or we can also create the brief for you with our seasoned Strategic Planners.

Bring Home a bit of BA

Have a global project but no South American creatives?

You can also import a team for a short term stay. Either to work in the agency or participate in workshops and brainstorming. We have done this successfully with large global clients.

Clients we have worked for

Contact us

Didier Zakine
+33 6 09 05 34 52